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Tracking And Monitoring Upon Request

When you need to hire reputable detective service, professional monitoring monitoring. Hire detectives to supervise adulterous husbands and wives. Hire detectives to supervise adolescent, elderly or wandering children. Hire a detective to monitor the debtors. You need to hire a reputable professional detective company to hire the best company.

When you need to hire a professional surveillance detective, go to Ho Chi Minh detective office. Office detective specialist monitoring professional surveillance. The office has many years of experience in monitoring.

Currently Ho Chi Minh office is providing the following professional monitoring services.

Detective service to monitor and supervise adulterous spouse

Professional detective tracking service

Detective monitoring and supervision service for minors

Detective service to monitor the absent-minded elderly.

Detective service to track down debtors

Detective service to monitor and supervise salespeople

Detective service to track the thief in the agency

Detective service to monitor and transport fake goods

Professional detective tracking service on request

How to hire a professional detective monitoring service

Contact the detective office directly for advice and the most optimal plan.

Determine the time supply for work

Meet directly the representative of the detective company to sign a contract

Provide information for the detective office, conduct the work

Finish the case when the job is done. Towards liquidation of the contract.

When hiring a detective service to monitor and supervise customers, what should they prepare?

First determine the purpose of the work to be done

Call the detective office, make a service contract

Provide the information of the object to be monitored. As the most recent object image, home address, work address, vehicle facilities, such as motorcycle number plates, car number plates, vehicle types. Some places often go to.

Prepare at least 50% of the cost of hiring a detective for 1 contract.

What did the customer get from the detective office after signing the contract

Get clear detailed schedule of the subject from the detective office or the detective office representative

In addition to the schedule, there are additional photos attached directly to customers in each location

Customers will receive information directly anytime, anywhere

When there is an urgent need for the presence of customers, detectives will send the location correctly through the address and location. Guide customers with a map so customers can be present.


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