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Professional Lost, Debt Recovery Services

Provides a quick package of finding a missing person or running away from debtors. Find the place where the maid fled the landlord's belongings.

If you have a missing relative, take the time to post a message to find someone, we will support you to post online. And you can easily find your loved ones or missing people.

Locate lost people via phone number

Quickly locate your lost relative. Just have an incoming call for 2 minutes. Tan Nam Long uses modern positioning technology to do that.

Introducing the missing person search service

For many reasons, it may be due to the family's separation from childhood, due to illness or a psychological or external reason that many families have children, the elderly ... lost. Therefore, each year, our company's lost and missing person search service receives dozens of customer requests for finding lost or missing relatives. And with that every year we detective Tan Nam Long company has completed and successfully searched dozens of cases, helping many separated families reunited with each other.


The motto of searching for detective company Tan Nam Long takes prestige as the leading.

Find the fastest

The fastest detective service on the market for detective services in Vietnam


We link to the information delivery system to ensure that information is always accurate.

Exactly the location and whereabouts of the person you are looking for

We are committed to ensuring that all information provided to you is verified as accurately as possible


Our worldwide network of finding missing people is nationwide.


As long as you have a need, no matter where the missing goes, we will find it for you.


The service to find people only takes money when you bring the exact location information for missing people to you.


Service of finding missing person Tan Nam Long is always committed to prestige, customers need to contact.

Information to provide when using the service to find people:

Below is the information we encourage you to use the service. We look forward to cooperating so we have enough information to help quickly find the missing object. Your information will quickly thread information and help us find it faster.

phone number

Providing the phone number of the object will help us a lot in searching, we will quickly verify the subscriber information through the phone number verification service. In addition, when the object phone number is still in use, we will quickly verify the object location within a radius of 500m. Ensure the most accurate information.


Please provide us with the most accurate information about the places that people need to find or visit, with these locations, we will quickly for the people standing, ambush to quickly catch the information. from this person left. The information will be completely confidential to you.


We encourage you to provide the information of relatives of the object you are looking for, brothers, relatives, friends that are the information we need in the process of finding the object. Depending on the information you provide, the work schedule will be completed faster when the subject comes to meet these people.


What interests an audience usually has, what interests the subject will lead to behaviors we can grasp during the search process. We hope that you will cooperate to provide information to us, we are committed to quickly find the missing relatives for you as quickly as possible.

License plates

License plate is important information. In case you are robbed, you can only see the license plate information, please rest assured because we can completely help you, only with the license plate information, we will quickly find Out who run away thanks to our fastest license plate verification service.

Why choose us?

The fastest service to find missing people in the Vietnamese detective market

Support finding people nationwide, we always support you

Modern technology, with a team of professional technicians detective

Top reputation, only receive money when the search results are missing

24/7 support consulting team, we are always ready to help you.

Our commitment :

Customer information will be absolutely confidential, the process work will be done quickly and effectively.

How to sign a contract with us:

Contact Hotline: 0911266766 for advice and a brief discussion via the job

Arrange an appointment at Tan Nam Long detective office to discuss job details

Sign a contract and start work.

With the service of finding the missing of our detective company, please be assured of the quality of our service and work. Detective Tan Nam Long top choice!


Prestige, Professional Detective Service


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