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DNA Identification

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1. What is DNA?

(DNA Assessment) _ Abbreviation of Acid DeoxyriboNucleic. DNA exists primarily in the nucleus of cells, on chromosomes, storing genetic information of organisms. A piece of DNA carrying genetic information is also called a gene. Genetically, an individual's DNA inherits half from its father and half from its mother, defining individual characteristics of an individual.

2. What is a DNA test?

A test of DNA fragments coding for hemoglobin in human blood to detect a sequence of bases that have been repeated a number of times with a length of 10-15 bp (base pair), which is called mini satellites (minisattelite). He also isolated two segments and multiplied them, using them as probes to detect areas that Jeffreys called hypervariable regions in different genetic materials.

3. How many types of DNA expertise are there?

There are two types of DNA testing:

+ DNA testing, determining blood relation

DNA examination is to analyze and compare fragments of DNA extracted from the body's cells such as blood, hair roots, tissues, semen, biological traces of DNA left on the scene, etc., in order to track down the culprit. , to locate a victim or identify a blood relationship.

DNA testing to determine bloodline is to determine whether the right child receives DNA fragments of the father in question.

+ DNA forensic examination

DNA testing is used to determine the blood relationship in civil cases (father-child search, paternity determination, parental responsibility in or out of wedlock, loss of loved ones, etc.). DNA screening for the purpose of obtaining an immigrant visa.

DNA testing in criminal cases (identifying victims, rape, murder, etc.).

DNA examination identifies the remains of martyrs, lost graves of relatives, or disputes and victims of natural disasters.

Building a personal DNA card (DNA ID), storing DNA letters.

4. Which samples are to be assessed and which samples give the most accurate inspection results?

DNA tests can be performed on a variety of cells such as blood samples, cells lining the oral mucosa, tissue samples, nails, hair roots, umbilical cord, bones, teeth, etc.The tests will have the same degree of accuracy. exactly the same, because all cells in the same body have the same type of DNA.

Any type of sample will give accurate results. The difference here is that the samples differed only in DNA extraction. Different procedures are needed for different samples at this stage.

5. Procedures for DNA testing?

The requester for an evaluation must have a DNA assessment application signed by the person requesting evaluation (using the available form).

In the case of taking assessment forms directly at health facilities, the sampled person will sign the application, the children must be signed by a parent or guardian.

In case the person requesting assessment brings his / her own sample, he / she must also make an application (made according to the form already available), the sample symbol and take responsibility for the samples he brings.

6. Time for DNA testing results:

Average 2-3 days, excluding weekends and holidays, Saturday.

Special cases: 24 hours.

7. How does DNA testing ensure confidential information?

In case of voluntary inspection, customers are respected and guaranteed confidentiality. All information declared by the customer when registering for the test application will only use that information to answer in the assessment results. Only the person in the application for evaluation (or the person who is sampled) will receive the results. In addition, during the analysis, all inspection samples are encrypted for maximum security.

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