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Internal Security Investigation - Competitors

A unit, an economic organization, a business establishment, etc., before deciding to invest and do business together, want to know the information about their partners and competitors.

In the opinion of Tan Nam Long, any business or investor before deciding to do business, partnership, investment, or capital contribution wants to know the financial "records" and legal grounds. operation status and goodwill of each other (especially foreign companies who want to do business with partners in Vietnam and vice versa). Most investors do not have the ability and conditions to learn about their partners. Therefore, a team of professional "detectives" of Tan Nam Long will replace all the above jobs for customers. From the data we provide, customers can easily prevent risks (if any) or have valuable information to guide future business cooperation.

Meanwhile, for two businesses that produce and trade in one item, both want to know each other's development, investment and business strategies. If you know the opponent's information and just take advantage of it to adjust or take a step ahead will turn into a great advantage.

Any unit, economic, political or social organization always has conflicts, internal struggles, factions, denunciations to each other ... in order to discredit or topple each other.

The "detective" team of Tan Nam Long uses professional measures to approach the opposition, thereby identifying the object, the purpose, the content of the denunciation, the relationship with whom, the sponsor, "resisting back "help ... On that basis, we help customers assess the consequences of this fight is what, at the same time make accurate judgments about" the way to move ", intentions, tricks that Opposition may be used in the near future ...

When we are proactive in information, we will listen to the wishes, difficulties of our customers, thereby consulting and providing useful solutions such as preventive measures, countermeasures, and solutions to neutralize. , turn the situation from a disadvantage to a benefit.

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