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Helping the Law Office Find Proof

Helping the solicitor's office to find evidence is a new type of detective service in Vietnam, it comes from the fact that lawyers' offices need more evidence to serve their work.

Helping the lawyer's office to find evidence is a new type of detective service in Vietnam, it comes from the fact that lawyers' offices need more evidence to support their work but they are not able or There is no time to do.

This is a special type of investigation, only for lawyers' offices. Detective is hired by the lawyer's office in necessary cases. Specific work is: collecting documents and evidence at the request of the lawyer. Lawyers will use those evidence documents to protect the interests of their clients.

Services to help the lawyer's office find effective quality residence certificate

The detective service that helps a solicitor's office find evidence is a detective service that collects evidence. This is a support service for lawyer's offices to help verify, track subjects, investigate evidence serving the investigation. This is a specialized detective service, only for lawyer's offices.

The support of detectives makes it easier for lawyer's offices to investigate and collect documents in case of need for clear evidences and gather some important documents. The information that Detective Tan Nam Long investigates will help the lawyer's office have more evidence to protect his client before the court.

Currently in Vietnam this type is still not popular. But with the current development momentum, the cooperation between Law Office and detective companies is only a matter of time. Collaboration will help increase the efficiency of the lawyer 's work and will contribute to reducing injustice. Since then the reputation of the lawyer is also confirmed.

We provide this service in the following cases:

- Collect documents about personal factors, family situation; find out-of-date allegations against time, interviewing potential witnesses; Find evidence on exhibits, find documents and testimonies.

- Follow up the petitioner or other people with relevant rights and interests to find out factors that are beneficial to the client's lawyer.

- Verify someone's background at the request of a defense lawyer.

Detective services help a solicitor's office find evidence

- Find evidence on exhibits, testimonies and relevant documents about the time and place of authenticity through witness testimonies.

- Find out evidence related to factors of personal identity, family situation, ... through interviews with interviewers who are capable of being field witnesses.

- Follow up with the other party of the attorney to sue to find information elements that are beneficial to the client. Relevant factors may be the petitioner or the people concerned in terms of benefits and rights.

- Learn and investigate to verify the background and related relationships required by the lawyer's office.

How will the reputable detective Tan Nam Long cooperate with the lawyer's office?

Gather all documents about relatives, family circumstances, find out allegations that are beneficial to the client, search for witness witnesses, people who are likely to be witnesses for that case. Tracing evidences and exhibits in favor of clients of lawyers.

Track the actions of the petitioner to see if they are actually the victims.

Track people who are considered to be witnesses against a client of a lawyer

Follow up and investigate the evidence to bring out the factors that are beneficial to the client's lawyer.

Verify your background, search for information about someone that a lawyer requests.

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