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Investigation of License Plate Number Images

Investigation of License Plate Number

Need to find the license plate that is harassing you, or verify the license plate to buy? Check if the car has caused an accident or theft level anything? Or you want to find out the owner of that car for privacy reasons? Let Tan Nam Long help you?

Tracking the license plate is to find out the registration of a particular vehicle for a number of different reasons that customers want to rely on detective services to keep it absolutely confidential, The following cases is as common as Accident escaping, cheating, robbing, verifying someone through the license plate, or looking for every question that we suspect ... on the Number Plate, thus avoiding confusion as well as high levels of accuracy and speed effectively.

The license plate is a plate attached to each motor vehicle, issued by the police when buying a new car or transferring a vehicle. The license plate is made of iron and aluminum alloy, has rectangular or slightly square shape, on which the numbers and letters are printed: the area and locality managed, specific numbers when looking up the computer. give the identity of the owner or the unit that bought it, the time it was purchased for security purposes ... Especially on it there is a embossed national emblem of Vietnam.

Color format of each type of license plate:

The white sea background, black letters are vehicles owned by individuals and vehicles of businesses.

The blue sea background and the white lettering mean vehicle signs of administrative and civil agencies.

The red sea background and white letters mean military vehicles and vehicles of military enterprises.

The yellow background with white letters is the vehicle of the Border Command.

The black background of yellow letters is used for specialized motor vehicles.

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