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Investigation Goods counterfeit

Detective service investigates fake and counterfeit products to help businesses and individuals protect the rights and trademarks of their products.

Nam Long detective service provides information and evidence for civil procedure activities including protection of intellectual property rights, copyrights, works, industrial property rights and transfers technology.

Verify counterfeit goods of poor quality, verify counterfeit products of brand, counterfeit designs, fake products that easily confuse customers with genuine products.

Find factories, cement, establishments producing fake goods of poor quality.

Find the locations of counterfeit goods that appear in different locations, verify the source of the quantity, the locations of supply, the locations of distribution, the price of all types of products.

Verify the process of bringing fake goods of low quality to the market, verify the process of bringing fake goods to the market.

Verify basic materials for counterfeiting of counterfeit goods from private establishments, individuals making counterfeit goods of poor quality.

How to contact to hire private investigating services to verify counterfeit goods

When you need to hire a private detective service, please contact the private detective service office via the Detective Office Hotline for the best advice.

Customers are consulted completely free solutions for each case, time, cost of hiring detective services.

When the terms of work were agreed, the client met directly with the representative of the detective office to sign a contract.

Customers transfer detective hire service fee, transfer case information to the detective office.

Private detectives proceed to work according to the agreed contract.

The end of the case is when the job is completed or the working period has ended.

The two sides transferred the remaining information and costs as agreed upon, and ended the case.

Cost of renting a private detective service to verify fake goods

Cost of hiring a private detective service specialized in verifying counterfeit goods of poor quality, the cost of hiring a detective to search for establishments of counterfeit goods of inferior quality, and a cost of verifying the inferior goods The quality and the place of manufacture of fake goods, depending on the job and the locality. Private detective Nam Long will have a fee upon request of the customer.

Cost of hiring private detective service to verify affair, identity verification, background file verification, address verification, anonymous phone number verification, anonymous telephone subscription, AND verification, verify counterfeit goods are priced from 5 million.

The above is just a reference price, when you need to hire a private detective, please contact our office of private detective company for advice on the best working fee.

Commitment of a private investigating company to customers

Always absolutely confidential all information for customers, case information under any circumstances.

The consultant is available 24/7 all days of the week, including weekends and holidays.

Private detectives are professionally trained to ensure accurate, objective and fastest information for customers.

Working scientifically, professionally and flexibly to ensure information is always smooth with customers.

Using the most modern equipment, helping customers have the most accurate, useful and practical information.

The cost is always reasonable for all cases, suitable to the regions, the nature of the job.

Commitment to keep professional ethics indefinitely, working to bring the heart to customers.


Prestige, Professional Detective Service


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